The Reign [rip​.​biggie​|​bigL​|​bigPun]

by D-Sisive

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I recorded this song, a tribute to 3 of my heroes, in 2008 for my album Let The Children Die. My label, Urbnet, didn't want to include the song because of the explicit language and use of the 'n word'. I refused to replace the word with some silly soundalike - turning the words of my idols into a ridiculous TBS overdub - but did agree to edit it out with a static sound effect. Understandably, Urbnet was still uncomfortable with the song and wanted to avoid me receiving any sort of backlash. They have always been 100% supportive of my music by giving me complete creative control and this was the only time they ever requested a change. Eventually, I decided to pull it from the track list.

The Notorious BIG, Big L and Big Pun are three reasons why I make music today. I looked up to them. I admired their talent. I wanted to be like them. Still do.

Here's my tribute.

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released February 16, 2014
producer: Muneshine



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