by D-Sisive

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from the project Desolate|The Mixtape. available March|29|2014.

producer: Muneshine

recorded by Bronze One after eating Brisket Sandwiches from the Black Camel. Toronto, Canada.


Below the gridlock
Swimming with thin sharks
Ribcage exposed silhouettes through black t's
Cocaine-crack chic
Adam's apple'd drag queens
Dancing with swan grace
Baryshnikov pirouettes on stage before a standing applause
Caucasians with harsh taste
Who frame canned soup, but will never swallow canned food
The elite sparkle
The scum rot
Dreaming of London palaces from slum blocks
Slumdogs barking up the wrong bark
While the sophisticates die like rock stars
Drowning in bathtubs
Splish splashing in bubblebath suds
A thirty-eight year old playwright with stage fright
A cry-baby 'cuz he wasn't raised right
I'm from the town where they build you up to break you down
Tupac was a ballerina
A fan of theatre
With tatted features
A ballad screamer
A shattered dreamer
Who wanted every leaf of lettuce in his salad greener
Now we follow fabricated photocopy
Emotionally damaged avocado rolls with no wasabi
Singing Aubrey melodies every fourth bar
Opening slot
Instagram photo op
Painted nails
Open toed sandals
Spilling soda out the Coca-Cola can hole
Corn starch
A mashed potato who was born soft
Not the outer space, turbine'd type of OutKast
The Urban Outfitter type of outcast
White boy guitarist by the campfire
Strumming Bob Marley covers till his hands tire


released March 10, 2014



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